Berengar's Legacy

What a mess we've gotten ourselves into part 2

The party follows Briera’s directions to the Wandering Wench Tavern. Seeing as how this is a day of great merriment (since the festival is still going on) the two storied tavern is filled to the brim with patrons. The bottom floor contains many long tables to sit and eat, a bar which has no space at it and a small stage fit for a person or two which stands empty. Grimmnir goes inside to look for Stilchio. Not seeing him on the ground floor he heads up the stairs. Stagger staggers his entry to the bar and catches sight of Grimmnir heading up the stairs and follows. Drax and Ghurkon stay outside waiting for Stilchio to leave and getting emasculated by the bouncer at the door.

Grimmnir, and soon after Stagger, hear the beautiful song of a bard that has taken place on the main stage upstairs. He is singing a song which makes the patrons weep as they can’t contain their emotions. By the time his beautiful words cease there is not a dry eye in the house. The bard is an elf, his clothes are immaculate and his instrument expensive and well polished. He has a cocky air to him as if the patrons aren’t worthy to hear his words. Suddenly a loud voice shouts from the back corner to the right of the stage “Berengar’s Balls! Sing Berengar’s Balls dammit!” Grimmnir and Stagger’s attention are now on the corner where they spy Stilchio sitting with his back to them as a chunky and drunk as hell half elf yells obnoxiously at the bard on the stage. As they approach Stilchio and his stooges stand up at the approaching duo. The half elf yells once again at the bard stating “I’m paying you, play Berengar’s Balls!” which the bard starts to do, much to the excitement of the patrons. The half elf sees that Stilchio is focused on the approaching duo and turns to introduce himself as Lord Korlas. Korlas and Stilchio had been making some sort of business deal that Korlas didn’t have much interest in making at the moment. He is now interested in talking to Grimmnir and Stagger, who are both asked to perform at the end of the bards song. Which they do…making a friend of Lord Korlas. After a while they all leave.

Grimmnir and Stagger escort the Lord back to his estate, well not really escort…they kind of drag/carry his drunk ass. Drax and Ghurkon tail Stilchio and his two companions until they are able to confront him when the odds even up. Drax challenges Stilchio to a duel, Ghurkon places money with one of the other barbarians on the outcome. Stilchio the Stiletto, hero of the Berengari, thorn in the side of the Vahsi merchants, son of the city, and murderer of Drax’s parents brings a stiletto to the fight. Drax, hero to nobody, owner of a tent in tent city, thrower of Odran in an unmarked grave, and jealous of Stilchio’s success brings his axe to the fight. Drax makes short work of Stilchio. Ghurkon wins a few gold. The third barbarian walks up as Drax cleaves his foes head in two, then runs away.

Meanwhile, in a calmer part of town. Grimmnir and Stagger deposit Lord Korlas at the gate to his house but not before Korlas gives them a number of VIP seat tickets to his grand speech taking place tomorrow.


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