Berengar's Legacy

Pickle Captain

In short, The party gains passage on a boat owned by Vahsi Captain Migs Skelbeck. They are a little upset at having to pay but hell, they are flush with cash. Six of the original crew do not show up on the morning of departure because having a dwarf on board is bad luck to a Vahsi. The party is required to pick up jobs on board to take up the slack. Captain Migs has also had the chance to retain the service of two other people, Pence and Alais.

That night while on night watch, Pence and Alais attack Ghurkon and Grimmnir on the deck while the others sleep below. Ghurkon yells “MUTINY” when they attack to awake the rest of the crew. First Mate Sona, Cherf, and Gruff come up the stairs first with Stagger and Drax following closely behind. Sona tries to retain control but Drax heard the word “MUTINY” as a command to action, not as an alarm to wake the crew. Drax attacks Sona. Thrin sleeps below. Ultimately Alais is assassinated by Stagger in battle, Grimmnir casts a spell to make Pence friendly, Drax kills Sona. The Captain and Little Migs do not enter battle. Quartermaster Dunder and Onexa the Sail Mistress stay below deck and Gruff dies. Cherf is hurt badly. All the fighting forces aside from Little Migs are dead or charmed. A real mutiny occurs now. Ghurkon calls for a vote of Captaincy between he and Captain Migs. Ghurkon wins with the vote of Pence, who is still acting friendly to the party. Little Migs throws the dead weight of Cherf overboard. Captain Ghurkon takes control of The Swift Wind. Bunks and jobs reassigned to keep the peace while the new captain gets acclimated.
Pence tells the party that they were hired by Lady Vylara to get rid them. Someone ends up killing Pence and throwing him overboard for his treachery.

The next few days are pretty uneventful until they hit the water between the island and Outpost Beresea. The skies darken, the air feels different, the waters get rougher. Stagger is at work trying to hypnotize fish for about two hours when he notices some Ichthys (dolphin like thingies) swimming by the boat. One of them have a very large hook through it’s dorsal fin. There is also a much larger aquatic animal chasing the ichthys about 100 yards back. Please help the Ichthys Stagger…how can you be so heartless? Turns out the assassin has a soft spot for fish and pulls the harmed Ichthy up on deck with the help of Little Migs, then pulls out the hook. Once back in the water the ichthys pick up speed, no longer slowed down by the Ichthy hampered by the hook. They raise their heads in unison and spit some egg size white orbs up on the deck. Onexa the sail master and Migs reach down to pick up one a piece and the others are gathered up by Stagger. Onexa states they have just received rare Ichthy Pearls. There are many stories about them, sometimes it is said that they grant the bearer the ability to breath under water, or float fully encumbered, or purify and water needed to drink, or to hydrate something that is dehydrated. The properties are never known until needed, but it always has to do with water in some way.

Land Ho’. Captain Ghurkon and his crew get to Outpost Beresea which is manned by about 9 soldiers in various states of discipline. They briefly meet with Lieutentant Ferdo but mainly entreat with Sergeant Major Folke and Corporal Belia. They discuss what to do with the ship, how they are to make themselves at home, and what they can expect in aid from the outpost. Ex-Captain Migs states he is in no shape to sail home with the crew he has, Little Migs (bodyguard), Onexa (sailmistress), and Dunder (quartermaster.)


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