Berengar's Legacy

A speech, a death, and some whispers walk into a bar of absolution...

The day of Korlas’ momentous speech is upon us. Everyone does some random stuff that they may or may not remember. The big deal of what happened today is that Korlas got on stage to make his speech, cracked the scroll case that the party retrieved secretly for Lady Vylara, and then died in some horrendous death cloud which proceeded to waft over the crowd as the wind blew it in the parties direction. Many people died that day.

Whispers of who killed Korlas start to pop up. A campaign of information, misguided or not, point to people who had been seen with Korlas last, people who visited the manor, and people who know a dwarf. At the same time, guard have started getting reports of a necromancer (Namadi the Body) from the academy, a loving yet poor decision making son (Ginte), and the neighborhood playboy (Odran) all being dead or missing. The party noses around and catches glimpses and whispers of some of their past associates talking to the guards…possibly implicating the party in the death of all four. Findelye saw the party torch Ginte’s dogs and beat him to a pulp. A guard at the cemetery remembers seeing the party there the same night as the necromancer’s death. Ginte’s mom remembers a dwarf visiting her. Marget remembers the party looking for Ginte and Odran. The guard at the manor remembers the party carrying in the scroll case and has their name on a list from their second visit.

The party is alerted by Rasque and Sel Domo that they have also heard these rumors and if they are to have any chance they will have to try to get into the temple on the Day of Absolution (along with thousands of other people). This is the day when they are given a task based on the severity of their crime to absolve them of their sins.

Of course, after much jostling, wrestling, and pushing they get in and are set to meet High Priest Phamas himself for their task. When they meet Phamas he looks tired and beat down. Korlas was his friend, both having been part of Arryn’s Council some twenty years ago. He starts out polite, but then removes his silly hat and gives a series of priestly yet dwarven curses. He ultimately tells the party that Berengar – Crusader, Folk Hero, and “Father” of the Berengari people on this island has become more than just a memory in death. Worship of other gods has slowed and a new worship has sprung up which is dedicated to Berengar. Priests are starting to invoke Berengar more, yet the power and influence isn’t quite there. He tells the party of the continent to the west, a dark and mysterious place. Few people have traveled there and fewer have returned. Those that have returned bring back horrible stories of their adventures. Throughout the years, the priesthood has been compiling information and have come across three believed artifacts that they may use as a catalyst to push Berengar closer to demigod-hood. The party is given one year to track down The Eye of Ilthara, The Arm of Edu, and The Noph. That is all the information given. The party then tries to get passage on a boat.


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