Professor Gronalt Truehammer

A scholar cleric and last remnant of a previous ill-fated exploratory party.


4’3" 138 Lbs, Black Hair with beard that is unkempt in the field but pristine in academia. A strong follower of Dugmaren Brightmantle he maintains strong relations and supports the cult of Berengar.


The Professor is a scholar and holyman and the sole survivor of his party to which he offered his expertise as a surveyor. He was with the party in an official exploratory capacity to find resources to exploit, new trade routes, or even a new site for colonization if such a thing could be sparked within the followers of Berengar.

Secretly, he and Phamas would be opposed to finding a new possible dwarf stronghold to relocate the suffering dwarf populace to.

His lost former party consisted of:
1. Fodolk Brassstaff, A Human Paladin
2. Aloysias Bungel, A Human Bard
3. Killi T. Dedli. A Vaasi Elf Ranger
4. Klondor, A human barbarian
5. “The Old Man”, human wizard
6. Several Vaasi coulees.

All save “The Old Man” are verified as dead.

Professor Gronalt Truehammer

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