Barbarian Mercenary


Drax is tall and muscular, but moves gracefully for a man his size. He has black hair, black eyes and deeply tanned bronze skin adorned with ornate tribal tattoos on his arms and chest. He has a long, drooping goatee and a long braid of hair that extends down his back, symbolizing his status among his people as an undefeated warrior.


Drax is a proud warrior of the Cimbri tribe which holds itself apart from the rest of Berengari society as it believes them to be both weak and degenerate. His father was a chieftain and it seemed that as long as Drax didn’t fall in combat before his time, he would eventually be chieftan as well. Seeking power any way he could get it, a slippery warrior by the name of Stilchio, poisoned Drax’s father, killed his mother and forced young Drax to flee the Cimbri enclave. Vowing vengeance, Drax channeled his fury into his work as a mercenary and honed his body to perfection, for one day Stilchio would be made to pay. When he finally caught up with Stilchio however, the battle that followed prooved unsatisfying, his nemesis was nowhere near his league now. Drax killed him with ease and as he shattered the fallen warrior’s skull he realized he was going to have to set his sights much higher.



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