Berengar's Legacy

What a mess we've gotten ourselves into. part 1.

The party had found some small wooden figurines at the temple before they snuck away. Once back in town they parted ways with Rasq and set off to find someone to appraise the figurines for them. Their first stop was at an associates of Grimmnir’s, the Academy’s antiquarian Barana. Barana was unhelpful for the most part but directed the party to the market district where they could ask a local who may have more knowledge of the items.

When they got there, many of the shopkeepers were standing outside their shops looking angry and yelling. Upon confrontation, the shopkeepers took out their aggression on the party vocally. They complained of being muscled for protection money by none other than the hero “Stilchio the stiletto” and his gang of thugs. The vocal leader of the merchants, Faelun, happened to also be the local art appraiser but his shop was in such disarray that he was beside himself and wouldn’t help the group at first. After a bit of negotiation with the other shop owners, they decided to give the party 20% off for sales made in the merchant district…for life. The party bargained for 25% and got it.

Faelun told the party that the wooden figurines could possibly be highly sought after works of art made by the thieves of the city. He explained that in certain circles the pieces of art are more desirable than the object stolen and than some collectors display their art pieces in prominent yet guarded places in their houses. A black/grey market has arisen and certain people regard it a privilege to have a thief like “Snake Whisper” or “Sticky Finger” steal from them. Stilchio hits them up for protection money when he is in town, sometimes smashing stuff, which is hurting their business. He’d like that to stop. The party stops into the shop of Brieria (I may have changed that name on the spot since) the owner of Brieria’s Tinctures, Inks, and Drinks – an alchemical shop. She states that he is her second best customer and that he usually buys up all of her sleeping potions to help with his sleeping problem. She usually gets more supplies from those that travel outside the walls of the city and know what they are looking for but she has recently run short of many supplies. She offers small tester cups to each member which make the small ailments they may feel end up going away. She lets the party know that Stilchio usually hangs out at the Wandering Wench and would suspect he is there now.


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