Berengar's Legacy

Sgt. Rasq's Lonely Heart Club Band

1. Harolf the Dwarf woke up Stagger Lee in his sleep. Explained to Stagger that Stagger wasn’t welcome in the Thieve’s Guild and never would be. He also gave Stagger a warning, not to trust anyone in this city. He also left a Vahsi long knife with a stylized letter C or G that was crudely etched on it. Stagger took the knife and left it in one of his dead drops so that he would not be caught with it if the knife was indeed a plant.

2. Drax woke up to the dead body of Odran outside his tent. Commanded by the head of the mercenary camp of Black Cocks to get rid of it outside the camp, Drax took the body out into the fields and buried it.

3. Grimmnir Quicksmile overhear a lot of buzz about a fellow necromancer by the name of Namadi. Namadi was rumored to be missing and because this was something out of the norm it had everyone’s tongues wagging. Grimmnir kept quiet and perused his newly acquired spell book in silence.

4. Gurkon received a note at his boarding house asking him to bring his friends and meet him at the Hammer and Shield at 10 a.m. It was signed ‘R’. Not knowing who the note was from, he figured it was an advert for more work and so he sent runners to gather the rest of the party to meet at the appointed time.

Sgt. Rasq had apparently survived prison and many of his old comrades were not all that enthused to meet him. Rasq did have employment for the group but was not specific with the amount that would be paid. The job was to clear out an old Vahsi Temple so that it could be reappropriated to one of the Berengari gods.

Upon leaving the city the group crossed paths with Stilchio the Poisoning Bastard with a cart full of native elven bodies. Both Beregari and Vahsi commoners were cheering Stilchio which caused a little drama with Drax who had a diva moment and went all glary eyes.

5. At the temple, the party was surprised by a bunch of animated vines. The combat was quick and the temple desecration went without a hitch until a number of native humans came out of the woods and entered the far side of the temple. 3 to 1 odds were not what the party was being paid to do so the party retreated without confrontation.


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