Grimmnir Quicksmile

Wizard 3 Necromancer


Strength 10(0), Dexterity14(2), Constitution 15(2), Intelligence 17(3), Wisdom 16(3), Charisma 16(3)
Proficiency Bonus +2
Armor Class 12, Initiative 2, Speed 30’, Medium, 6’3", 211#, Blonde/Blue
Hit Points 20 Hit Dice 3D6,
Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics 4, Arcana 5, Investigation 5, Performance 5,
Languages: Common, Avasi, Dwarven, Elven
Saves: Intelligence, Wisdom
Features: Spellcasting (Spell Save DC 13, Spell Attack Bonus 5), Arcane Recovery, Arcane Tradition: Necromancy,
Necromancy Savant: half time/cost to scribe necro spells.
Personality Trait: I am a hopeless Romantic always looking for that Special Someone
Ideals: Creativity: The World needs new ideas and bold….
Bonds: I will do anything to prove I am better than my rival
Flaws: A Scandal prevents me from Going Home; Trouble Follows Me Around.

Dagger 2/4 1D4 Piercing

Cantrips: Chill Touch, Dancing Lights, Minor Illusion
Level 1: Mage Armor, Burning Hands, Fog Cloud, Find Familiar (Raven), Ray Of Sickness, Feather Fall, Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Charm Person
Level 2: Crown of Madness, Flaming Sphere


Grimmnir froze as he waited for the High Matu to continue. He was exhilarated to by the invitation to dine with the Great Magi’s table. All of the other students could see him from the student tables of the college’s hall. They must be abuzz with speculations of this odd invitation.

“I hear that you completed your examinations today, Master Quicksmile,” High Matu said after taking a sip of wine. “Your master is most impressed! Sel Doma declares that a grasp of the mystical arts in someone your age is quite remarkable!”

“Sel Doma is an excellent teacher.” Grimmnir feigned obsequiousness. “I am truly undeserving of such recognition.”

“I am given that you have come from rare origins for a magician. Most of the college holds the children of noble men, versed since birth in martial arts and difficult to redirect along the path of the magus. Please, may I know what brought you to our humble institution?” High Matu indulged.

“I was not born to nobility, Your Magnificence,” Grimmnir explained. “In fact, Sel Doma, says that is it rare for students of the college to come from such origins.”

“My father was a great entertainer, applauded throughout the realm even before he created the Circus Rollava. My mother was a shield-maiden of the Strong Spear tribe. The folk had been pushing forth into a village now long removed from the memory of man, and my father had been caught traveling through the region and spent many exciting nights avoiding the capture of the folk.”

“My mother discovered him during patrol, and my father was able to escape through the skill of his tongue. Needless to say, mother tracked father down even in the towns of the foreigners and made him pay….with his love.”

“Mother took terrible wound during the battle for dobena and joined my father in his dream of starting a troupe of performers. They eventually created the Circus Rollava that Your Highness has surely heard of.”

“I broke my teeth on juggling balls and dramatic mummery. Learning the trade of my father. One day, at the age of thirteen, I was feeding part of the dramatic menagerie when my father and mother fell during a practice of acrobatics. Not thinking, I reached toward my parents , and stopped them from falling. Or more accurately, stopped him from falling. My father drifted slowly to the ground, but my mother struck the ground horribly.”

“My father lost himself to grief for a time. My uncle didn’t know what to do with me. Everyone said I had glowed with a sickly light when my father stopped falling. So during my father’s greif, I was sent to the college to figure out what I was.”

The High Matu seemed a little uncomfortable with the intimacy of the tale he’d been shared. Lamely he muttered “I regret the loss of your mother, my lad.”

Grimmnir stared for a few moments. Finally he quietly said, “Thank you, Great One.”

Trying to break the ice, High Matu said, “But the crucible of life pays off, no? A high lord has asked for the name of our most promising graduate! Surely you will be contacted soon!” He gestured to Grimmnir ’s new Acolyte Robes. And handed the young man a goblet of wine. “I know you will bring great honor to the school! Bless you!”

Grimmnir Quicksmile

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