Berengar's Legacy

Scroll Heist, Part 2

1. Group visited Ginte’s mother’s tenement building. Ginte’s mother was very kind and welcoming and told the group that Ginte typically visited his father Elway in the graveyard on this night. While searching Ginte’s room, Thrin found a bag with a number of dog collars taken from the Korlas Estate and a matchbook for The Wandering Wench, a Berengari tavern.

2. Cemetery where the party witnessed *Ginte*’s murder by Harolf the dwarf. The scroll case was seen in the possession of a necromancer, Namadi who was killed by the party when the scroll was trying to be retrieved. During the struggle, Namadi had managed to animate 2 corpses into zombies which the party took down. They loaded up the two bodies into Namadi’s mule cart and moved to track down Odran to try and tie up the loose ends that kept coming up with respect to the scroll’s theft. The group relied upon Grimmnir’s quick thinking to disguise the mule cart and bodies from the night patrols that entered into the cemetery while the group was trying to figure out their next course of action.

3. Berengari docks. Through magic ( Grimmnir ) and greco-roman wrestling ( Drax ), Odran was captured and enticed ( Thrin ) to give up some details about the heist. Odran claimed that he worked directly under Lord Korlas but the group opted to return the scroll to Lady Vylara and receive their payment.

4. Payment. Party found that the security for the estate had been improved upon. Lady Vylara was awoken and told of the party’s success. Gurkon claimed that the group had purchased the mule and the mule cart so that they would be reimbursed for their expense and up the payment as much as possible. Lady Vylara also mentioned that she may entertain future employment or provide favors to the group if they were ever in need, though this offer was cryptic. Lady Vylara was seen patting Odran on the back of the neck while walking him into the estate after having paid the party.


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