Berengar's Legacy

New Employment

Setting: 1st day of the year, celebrating the 57th Festival of Heroes and honoring Jubal Berengar in the city of Vahstuk. It is the first time the commencement speeches have been held in the plaza between the Twin Gods Issyk and Arbarym.

1. Pick pocketing attempt on Thrin and Drax. One of the thieves, a boy of 15 by the name of Odran, was caught and turned into the authorities.

2. While celebrating the group was confronted by a muscle bound Vahsi sporting 2 large mastiff dogs. Both dogs were burned up by Grimmnir and the Vahsi, Ginte was beaten up. A chamberlain (?) by the name of Findelye witnessed the interchanged and offered to hire the group if they were interested. Directions were given to Lord Korlas’s estate where his wife, Lady Vylara had a job that required some discretion.

3. Meeting with Lady Vylara. A highly valued scroll, a speech written by Lord Korlas has gone missing and needs to be returned before the councilman finds out. Security of the estate is abysmal and the party has overheard a conversation where the estate’s Hound’s Mater, Gillan Thormandus and Findelye have been talking over the state of the guard dogs (some of which have been stolen!). The party interviewed some of the help, all Vahsi, and gathered what information they could find.

  • Odran had once been employed at the estate and had worked for the Hound’s Master. He was also implicated in the missing person of Ilyn, the sister of one of the servants on the estate. Erris, the cooks helper was distraught over her sister’s disappearance and pled with the group to find out what happened to her (implicating Odran).
  • Erris also gave the group information of a tavern where her sister worked and where Odran was known to frequent, The Long Knife.
  • Erris also spoke of a disagreeable, bald Dwarf by the name of Harolf who does ‘night work’ for the estate.

4. The Long Knife A Vahsi bar where the party reran into the female pickpocket, Marget. Marget is 14 years old and claims that her father, Marc owns the tavern. This was used to pressure Marget to explain her part in the scroll’s theft. She claimed that Odran came up with the idea and that she stole the scroll, handing it off to Ginte. She also gave up *Ginte*’s mother’s address so the party could track him down (and to keep her roll in the heist quiet).


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