Berengar's Legacy

Character List for the Scroll Heist

Berengari will be itallysized.

Lord Korlas’s Estate:

Lord Korlas Half-Elf and High Bard of Vahstuk, part of the legendary Arryn’s Council. Scroll and scroll case was stolen.

Lady Vylara Lord Korlas’s wife, current benefactor of the group.

Findeley Chamberlain of the Korlas Estate.

House Staff

Gillen Thormandus Elf, Houndmaster of the estate. Former Corporal in the Black Cocks Mercenary Company. Father of Florentine Thormandus Druid, friend of Lord Korlas, part of Arryn’s council
Aldrick Groundskeeper to the manor. Confessed to ‘stealing’ tomatoes while under intense scrutiny from Gurkon.
Lila Cook
Erris Cook’s helper. Missing her older sister Ilyn, implicated Odran in the disappearance.
Harolf Surly, bald dwarf, reputed to do ‘night work’ for the estate. Was witnessed murdering Ginte by breaking his neck.

Estate guards

Barsi Day guard
Enmar Swing shift guard
Dyne Night Guard

Odran’s Gang and Associates

Odran 15 yr. old boy with dreams of becoming a master thief. Seen as the brains of the group and has a penchant for the ladies.
Ginte Muscle of the group. Likes to use mastiffs. Was killed by Harolf the dwarf.
Marget impressionable “thief”, stole the scroll and gave it to Ginte. Works at The Long Knife, a tavern that her father, Marc owns.

Other names

Marc Marget’s father, owner of the tavern, The Long Knife.
Magda Ginte’s mother, a brewer of dirty tea.
Namadi Necromancer of the Saphire Circle. Killed while the group tried to take possession of the missing scroll case.


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