Berengar's Legacy

Pickle Captain

In short, The party gains passage on a boat owned by Vahsi Captain Migs Skelbeck. They are a little upset at having to pay but hell, they are flush with cash. Six of the original crew do not show up on the morning of departure because having a dwarf on board is bad luck to a Vahsi. The party is required to pick up jobs on board to take up the slack. Captain Migs has also had the chance to retain the service of two other people, Pence and Alais.

That night while on night watch, Pence and Alais attack Ghurkon and Grimmnir on the deck while the others sleep below. Ghurkon yells “MUTINY” when they attack to awake the rest of the crew. First Mate Sona, Cherf, and Gruff come up the stairs first with Stagger and Drax following closely behind. Sona tries to retain control but Drax heard the word “MUTINY” as a command to action, not as an alarm to wake the crew. Drax attacks Sona. Thrin sleeps below. Ultimately Alais is assassinated by Stagger in battle, Grimmnir casts a spell to make Pence friendly, Drax kills Sona. The Captain and Little Migs do not enter battle. Quartermaster Dunder and Onexa the Sail Mistress stay below deck and Gruff dies. Cherf is hurt badly. All the fighting forces aside from Little Migs are dead or charmed. A real mutiny occurs now. Ghurkon calls for a vote of Captaincy between he and Captain Migs. Ghurkon wins with the vote of Pence, who is still acting friendly to the party. Little Migs throws the dead weight of Cherf overboard. Captain Ghurkon takes control of The Swift Wind. Bunks and jobs reassigned to keep the peace while the new captain gets acclimated.
Pence tells the party that they were hired by Lady Vylara to get rid them. Someone ends up killing Pence and throwing him overboard for his treachery.

The next few days are pretty uneventful until they hit the water between the island and Outpost Beresea. The skies darken, the air feels different, the waters get rougher. Stagger is at work trying to hypnotize fish for about two hours when he notices some Ichthys (dolphin like thingies) swimming by the boat. One of them have a very large hook through it’s dorsal fin. There is also a much larger aquatic animal chasing the ichthys about 100 yards back. Please help the Ichthys Stagger…how can you be so heartless? Turns out the assassin has a soft spot for fish and pulls the harmed Ichthy up on deck with the help of Little Migs, then pulls out the hook. Once back in the water the ichthys pick up speed, no longer slowed down by the Ichthy hampered by the hook. They raise their heads in unison and spit some egg size white orbs up on the deck. Onexa the sail master and Migs reach down to pick up one a piece and the others are gathered up by Stagger. Onexa states they have just received rare Ichthy Pearls. There are many stories about them, sometimes it is said that they grant the bearer the ability to breath under water, or float fully encumbered, or purify and water needed to drink, or to hydrate something that is dehydrated. The properties are never known until needed, but it always has to do with water in some way.

Land Ho’. Captain Ghurkon and his crew get to Outpost Beresea which is manned by about 9 soldiers in various states of discipline. They briefly meet with Lieutentant Ferdo but mainly entreat with Sergeant Major Folke and Corporal Belia. They discuss what to do with the ship, how they are to make themselves at home, and what they can expect in aid from the outpost. Ex-Captain Migs states he is in no shape to sail home with the crew he has, Little Migs (bodyguard), Onexa (sailmistress), and Dunder (quartermaster.)

A speech, a death, and some whispers walk into a bar of absolution...

The day of Korlas’ momentous speech is upon us. Everyone does some random stuff that they may or may not remember. The big deal of what happened today is that Korlas got on stage to make his speech, cracked the scroll case that the party retrieved secretly for Lady Vylara, and then died in some horrendous death cloud which proceeded to waft over the crowd as the wind blew it in the parties direction. Many people died that day.

Whispers of who killed Korlas start to pop up. A campaign of information, misguided or not, point to people who had been seen with Korlas last, people who visited the manor, and people who know a dwarf. At the same time, guard have started getting reports of a necromancer (Namadi the Body) from the academy, a loving yet poor decision making son (Ginte), and the neighborhood playboy (Odran) all being dead or missing. The party noses around and catches glimpses and whispers of some of their past associates talking to the guards…possibly implicating the party in the death of all four. Findelye saw the party torch Ginte’s dogs and beat him to a pulp. A guard at the cemetery remembers seeing the party there the same night as the necromancer’s death. Ginte’s mom remembers a dwarf visiting her. Marget remembers the party looking for Ginte and Odran. The guard at the manor remembers the party carrying in the scroll case and has their name on a list from their second visit.

The party is alerted by Rasque and Sel Domo that they have also heard these rumors and if they are to have any chance they will have to try to get into the temple on the Day of Absolution (along with thousands of other people). This is the day when they are given a task based on the severity of their crime to absolve them of their sins.

Of course, after much jostling, wrestling, and pushing they get in and are set to meet High Priest Phamas himself for their task. When they meet Phamas he looks tired and beat down. Korlas was his friend, both having been part of Arryn’s Council some twenty years ago. He starts out polite, but then removes his silly hat and gives a series of priestly yet dwarven curses. He ultimately tells the party that Berengar – Crusader, Folk Hero, and “Father” of the Berengari people on this island has become more than just a memory in death. Worship of other gods has slowed and a new worship has sprung up which is dedicated to Berengar. Priests are starting to invoke Berengar more, yet the power and influence isn’t quite there. He tells the party of the continent to the west, a dark and mysterious place. Few people have traveled there and fewer have returned. Those that have returned bring back horrible stories of their adventures. Throughout the years, the priesthood has been compiling information and have come across three believed artifacts that they may use as a catalyst to push Berengar closer to demigod-hood. The party is given one year to track down The Eye of Ilthara, The Arm of Edu, and The Noph. That is all the information given. The party then tries to get passage on a boat.

What a mess we've gotten ourselves into part 2

The party follows Briera’s directions to the Wandering Wench Tavern. Seeing as how this is a day of great merriment (since the festival is still going on) the two storied tavern is filled to the brim with patrons. The bottom floor contains many long tables to sit and eat, a bar which has no space at it and a small stage fit for a person or two which stands empty. Grimmnir goes inside to look for Stilchio. Not seeing him on the ground floor he heads up the stairs. Stagger staggers his entry to the bar and catches sight of Grimmnir heading up the stairs and follows. Drax and Ghurkon stay outside waiting for Stilchio to leave and getting emasculated by the bouncer at the door.

Grimmnir, and soon after Stagger, hear the beautiful song of a bard that has taken place on the main stage upstairs. He is singing a song which makes the patrons weep as they can’t contain their emotions. By the time his beautiful words cease there is not a dry eye in the house. The bard is an elf, his clothes are immaculate and his instrument expensive and well polished. He has a cocky air to him as if the patrons aren’t worthy to hear his words. Suddenly a loud voice shouts from the back corner to the right of the stage “Berengar’s Balls! Sing Berengar’s Balls dammit!” Grimmnir and Stagger’s attention are now on the corner where they spy Stilchio sitting with his back to them as a chunky and drunk as hell half elf yells obnoxiously at the bard on the stage. As they approach Stilchio and his stooges stand up at the approaching duo. The half elf yells once again at the bard stating “I’m paying you, play Berengar’s Balls!” which the bard starts to do, much to the excitement of the patrons. The half elf sees that Stilchio is focused on the approaching duo and turns to introduce himself as Lord Korlas. Korlas and Stilchio had been making some sort of business deal that Korlas didn’t have much interest in making at the moment. He is now interested in talking to Grimmnir and Stagger, who are both asked to perform at the end of the bards song. Which they do…making a friend of Lord Korlas. After a while they all leave.

Grimmnir and Stagger escort the Lord back to his estate, well not really escort…they kind of drag/carry his drunk ass. Drax and Ghurkon tail Stilchio and his two companions until they are able to confront him when the odds even up. Drax challenges Stilchio to a duel, Ghurkon places money with one of the other barbarians on the outcome. Stilchio the Stiletto, hero of the Berengari, thorn in the side of the Vahsi merchants, son of the city, and murderer of Drax’s parents brings a stiletto to the fight. Drax, hero to nobody, owner of a tent in tent city, thrower of Odran in an unmarked grave, and jealous of Stilchio’s success brings his axe to the fight. Drax makes short work of Stilchio. Ghurkon wins a few gold. The third barbarian walks up as Drax cleaves his foes head in two, then runs away.

Meanwhile, in a calmer part of town. Grimmnir and Stagger deposit Lord Korlas at the gate to his house but not before Korlas gives them a number of VIP seat tickets to his grand speech taking place tomorrow.

What a mess we've gotten ourselves into. part 1.

The party had found some small wooden figurines at the temple before they snuck away. Once back in town they parted ways with Rasq and set off to find someone to appraise the figurines for them. Their first stop was at an associates of Grimmnir’s, the Academy’s antiquarian Barana. Barana was unhelpful for the most part but directed the party to the market district where they could ask a local who may have more knowledge of the items.

When they got there, many of the shopkeepers were standing outside their shops looking angry and yelling. Upon confrontation, the shopkeepers took out their aggression on the party vocally. They complained of being muscled for protection money by none other than the hero “Stilchio the stiletto” and his gang of thugs. The vocal leader of the merchants, Faelun, happened to also be the local art appraiser but his shop was in such disarray that he was beside himself and wouldn’t help the group at first. After a bit of negotiation with the other shop owners, they decided to give the party 20% off for sales made in the merchant district…for life. The party bargained for 25% and got it.

Faelun told the party that the wooden figurines could possibly be highly sought after works of art made by the thieves of the city. He explained that in certain circles the pieces of art are more desirable than the object stolen and than some collectors display their art pieces in prominent yet guarded places in their houses. A black/grey market has arisen and certain people regard it a privilege to have a thief like “Snake Whisper” or “Sticky Finger” steal from them. Stilchio hits them up for protection money when he is in town, sometimes smashing stuff, which is hurting their business. He’d like that to stop. The party stops into the shop of Brieria (I may have changed that name on the spot since) the owner of Brieria’s Tinctures, Inks, and Drinks – an alchemical shop. She states that he is her second best customer and that he usually buys up all of her sleeping potions to help with his sleeping problem. She usually gets more supplies from those that travel outside the walls of the city and know what they are looking for but she has recently run short of many supplies. She offers small tester cups to each member which make the small ailments they may feel end up going away. She lets the party know that Stilchio usually hangs out at the Wandering Wench and would suspect he is there now.

Sgt. Rasq's Lonely Heart Club Band

1. Harolf the Dwarf woke up Stagger Lee in his sleep. Explained to Stagger that Stagger wasn’t welcome in the Thieve’s Guild and never would be. He also gave Stagger a warning, not to trust anyone in this city. He also left a Vahsi long knife with a stylized letter C or G that was crudely etched on it. Stagger took the knife and left it in one of his dead drops so that he would not be caught with it if the knife was indeed a plant.

2. Drax woke up to the dead body of Odran outside his tent. Commanded by the head of the mercenary camp of Black Cocks to get rid of it outside the camp, Drax took the body out into the fields and buried it.

3. Grimmnir Quicksmile overhear a lot of buzz about a fellow necromancer by the name of Namadi. Namadi was rumored to be missing and because this was something out of the norm it had everyone’s tongues wagging. Grimmnir kept quiet and perused his newly acquired spell book in silence.

4. Gurkon received a note at his boarding house asking him to bring his friends and meet him at the Hammer and Shield at 10 a.m. It was signed ‘R’. Not knowing who the note was from, he figured it was an advert for more work and so he sent runners to gather the rest of the party to meet at the appointed time.

Sgt. Rasq had apparently survived prison and many of his old comrades were not all that enthused to meet him. Rasq did have employment for the group but was not specific with the amount that would be paid. The job was to clear out an old Vahsi Temple so that it could be reappropriated to one of the Berengari gods.

Upon leaving the city the group crossed paths with Stilchio the Poisoning Bastard with a cart full of native elven bodies. Both Beregari and Vahsi commoners were cheering Stilchio which caused a little drama with Drax who had a diva moment and went all glary eyes.

5. At the temple, the party was surprised by a bunch of animated vines. The combat was quick and the temple desecration went without a hitch until a number of native humans came out of the woods and entered the far side of the temple. 3 to 1 odds were not what the party was being paid to do so the party retreated without confrontation.

Scroll Heist, Part 2

1. Group visited Ginte’s mother’s tenement building. Ginte’s mother was very kind and welcoming and told the group that Ginte typically visited his father Elway in the graveyard on this night. While searching Ginte’s room, Thrin found a bag with a number of dog collars taken from the Korlas Estate and a matchbook for The Wandering Wench, a Berengari tavern.

2. Cemetery where the party witnessed *Ginte*’s murder by Harolf the dwarf. The scroll case was seen in the possession of a necromancer, Namadi who was killed by the party when the scroll was trying to be retrieved. During the struggle, Namadi had managed to animate 2 corpses into zombies which the party took down. They loaded up the two bodies into Namadi’s mule cart and moved to track down Odran to try and tie up the loose ends that kept coming up with respect to the scroll’s theft. The group relied upon Grimmnir’s quick thinking to disguise the mule cart and bodies from the night patrols that entered into the cemetery while the group was trying to figure out their next course of action.

3. Berengari docks. Through magic ( Grimmnir ) and greco-roman wrestling ( Drax ), Odran was captured and enticed ( Thrin ) to give up some details about the heist. Odran claimed that he worked directly under Lord Korlas but the group opted to return the scroll to Lady Vylara and receive their payment.

4. Payment. Party found that the security for the estate had been improved upon. Lady Vylara was awoken and told of the party’s success. Gurkon claimed that the group had purchased the mule and the mule cart so that they would be reimbursed for their expense and up the payment as much as possible. Lady Vylara also mentioned that she may entertain future employment or provide favors to the group if they were ever in need, though this offer was cryptic. Lady Vylara was seen patting Odran on the back of the neck while walking him into the estate after having paid the party.

Character List for the Scroll Heist

Berengari will be itallysized.

Lord Korlas’s Estate:

Lord Korlas Half-Elf and High Bard of Vahstuk, part of the legendary Arryn’s Council. Scroll and scroll case was stolen.

Lady Vylara Lord Korlas’s wife, current benefactor of the group.

Findeley Chamberlain of the Korlas Estate.

House Staff

Gillen Thormandus Elf, Houndmaster of the estate. Former Corporal in the Black Cocks Mercenary Company. Father of Florentine Thormandus Druid, friend of Lord Korlas, part of Arryn’s council
Aldrick Groundskeeper to the manor. Confessed to ‘stealing’ tomatoes while under intense scrutiny from Gurkon.
Lila Cook
Erris Cook’s helper. Missing her older sister Ilyn, implicated Odran in the disappearance.
Harolf Surly, bald dwarf, reputed to do ‘night work’ for the estate. Was witnessed murdering Ginte by breaking his neck.

Estate guards

Barsi Day guard
Enmar Swing shift guard
Dyne Night Guard

Odran’s Gang and Associates

Odran 15 yr. old boy with dreams of becoming a master thief. Seen as the brains of the group and has a penchant for the ladies.
Ginte Muscle of the group. Likes to use mastiffs. Was killed by Harolf the dwarf.
Marget impressionable “thief”, stole the scroll and gave it to Ginte. Works at The Long Knife, a tavern that her father, Marc owns.

Other names

Marc Marget’s father, owner of the tavern, The Long Knife.
Magda Ginte’s mother, a brewer of dirty tea.
Namadi Necromancer of the Saphire Circle. Killed while the group tried to take possession of the missing scroll case.

New Employment

Setting: 1st day of the year, celebrating the 57th Festival of Heroes and honoring Jubal Berengar in the city of Vahstuk. It is the first time the commencement speeches have been held in the plaza between the Twin Gods Issyk and Arbarym.

1. Pick pocketing attempt on Thrin and Drax. One of the thieves, a boy of 15 by the name of Odran, was caught and turned into the authorities.

2. While celebrating the group was confronted by a muscle bound Vahsi sporting 2 large mastiff dogs. Both dogs were burned up by Grimmnir and the Vahsi, Ginte was beaten up. A chamberlain (?) by the name of Findelye witnessed the interchanged and offered to hire the group if they were interested. Directions were given to Lord Korlas’s estate where his wife, Lady Vylara had a job that required some discretion.

3. Meeting with Lady Vylara. A highly valued scroll, a speech written by Lord Korlas has gone missing and needs to be returned before the councilman finds out. Security of the estate is abysmal and the party has overheard a conversation where the estate’s Hound’s Mater, Gillan Thormandus and Findelye have been talking over the state of the guard dogs (some of which have been stolen!). The party interviewed some of the help, all Vahsi, and gathered what information they could find.

  • Odran had once been employed at the estate and had worked for the Hound’s Master. He was also implicated in the missing person of Ilyn, the sister of one of the servants on the estate. Erris, the cooks helper was distraught over her sister’s disappearance and pled with the group to find out what happened to her (implicating Odran).
  • Erris also gave the group information of a tavern where her sister worked and where Odran was known to frequent, The Long Knife.
  • Erris also spoke of a disagreeable, bald Dwarf by the name of Harolf who does ‘night work’ for the estate.

4. The Long Knife A Vahsi bar where the party reran into the female pickpocket, Marget. Marget is 14 years old and claims that her father, Marc owns the tavern. This was used to pressure Marget to explain her part in the scroll’s theft. She claimed that Odran came up with the idea and that she stole the scroll, handing it off to Ginte. She also gave up *Ginte*’s mother’s address so the party could track him down (and to keep her roll in the heist quiet).


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